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We provide a mini field station that you can deploy that automatically uploads sensor data straight to the web. This field station is battery powered and uses low-cost components. You can buy either a pre-constructed field station or all the components as a kit you assemble yourself. Both versions do require some configuration.


This product is currently in development and while it is possible to work with a wide range of sensors, we currently have developed and tested tree dendrometers only. These sensors can measure changes in tree-stem size throughout the day and detect changes as small as 1/1000 mm. 

Other sensors, such as soil moisture and temperature, are in development but if you have something in mind, please contact us and let us know. We would love to work with you on your project.


The Mini Field Station is part of a greater project called Real Time Ecology (RTE). The goal of RTE is to bring the power of scientific observation to everyone who is interested. Your Mini Field Station uploads data to the companion site,, a website dedicated to collecting your station data. At, you can manage your field station, download data and even use our analytical tools to help interpret what you find. Moreover, RTE is an effort to bring everyone and their data together so we can all get a much better picture of what is going on in your area. 

The Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to construct your own mini field station. The station is battery powered and connects to your local Wifi access point.

More Advanced Settings

No access to Wifi? Prefer a fully constructed, multi-node wireless sensor network? We can provide that as well.

For You



The Mini Field Station is a low-cost alternative to established commercial offerings. The station can be operated in as a single unit or as a network. While our current tested sensor selection is limited, we think you may find working with us on your particular needs a way to increase data points on a given budget. If you would like to know more about how we may be able to help you get more out of your budget, contact us.


 Finding a way to introduce science and math to students is challenging. Part of this challenge is finding a way in which to address student’s unique interest in these areas while addressing the group as a whole. We have found that the Mini Field Station lends itself quite well to a solution to this problem. Some students enjoy the soldering and drilling required to assemble the kit version of the station. Some enjoy connecting the various components and understanding what they do. And some enjoy the programming that ties it all together. Older students can learn the basics of statistics with the resulting data sets. When combined with other available environmental data sets, you provide the ability interpret what is going on in the environment. And of course all students like getting out in the field and deploying their field station!

Citizen Scientists


We need coverage! Where are you? What are you measuring? Would you like to participate in our Real Time Ecology project? We are young but growing fast. Head over to and check out our projects. If you would like to deploy a Mini Field Station in a way that does work with an existing project, just let us know! We can work with you to start a new one.

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